Wednesday, 27 December 2017

WordPress Development scam by Paul Stewart

Paul Stewart WordPress scammer Director of Development

scammer email 

Paul Stewart-WordPress Development scam

Hi Again,
I apologize for the consistent emails, but I'd really love to connect with you as I'm convinced we can significantly help you improve the speed and quality of your Wordpress site.

Are you free for a quick introductory call sometime in the next week to discuss your development and/or managed hosting needs?

If you're not interested, just let me know and I'll stop bugging you. Please also let me know if there's a better person to contact regarding your digital needs.


On December 09, 2017 16:06, Paul Stewart <> wrote:
I stumbled on your WordPress site and figured I'd take a shot in the dark. I run a Portland, Oregon based development agency that specializes in BuddyPress/WordPress, and I'm curious if you're in the market for either development or managed hosting services.

If there is a fit, I'd love to grab 5 minutes of your time to hop on a call to discuss your needs.

In the meantime, I've attached our capabilities deck to give you a better idea of everything we do. You can get an idea of the speed our managed hosting infrastructure is able to deliver by hitting our most active client's site, They're seeing ~2 million daily views during peak season with response times most often under 1 second.


Paul Stewart
Director of Development
Arck Interactive
p: 312-212-3867

Paul Stewart scam site Geek chic

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Congratulations your commissions are ready! Scam by Jessica

reply-to:Jessica <>
date:15 November 2017 at 19:00
subject:Congratulations your commissions are ready!
mailing list:kf790n5b9m2b6 <list> Filter messages from this mailing list
security: Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more
You've successfully registered (23) sales this week so far!
Once inside, please follow the  step-by-step instructions.
Congrats on your success!

Google Sniper scam by George Brown

Google Sniper Scam?  by George Brown

LAnsh ooking for Mobile Apps Scam

Scamer Ansh Singh
date:16 November 2017 at 13:15
subject:Looking for Mobile Apps...!
security: Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more


We are an Android and iPhone application development company. Those offer end-to-end app development services. 

Trust in our extensive experience and knowledge in the mobile arena. We can help to leverage your brand in the exciting mobile frontier, and give you unprecedented access to your audience on a mobile level. In terms of app development for iPhone and Android, we can offer you a creative and lucrative solution for your mobile marketing campaign.

Our mobile apps are:

Well-designed:- We use a smooth and aesthetically pleasing UI, so that mobile site visitors can benefit from a flowing user experience.

Strategic: - Our extensive experience in mobile technology means that we can create a killer mobile marketing strategy for your iPhone and Android app development.

Whatever your mobile app requirements, we can help to create a custom-designed and beautiful application that will be a pleasure to use, and be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

For business, finding the right iPhone apps developer could be a key factor to adapting their product to the marketplace and for the right audience.

Give us an opportunity to serve you. I assure you would like our solution and services

Kinds Regards, 

Online Apps Development Consultant 

Terri Levine Scam

and I’ll walk you through each of them, step-by-step.
You might be struggling with attracting a lot of qualified prospects or attracting prospects who can’t afford your products or services or you might even be trading time for money.

I am Terri Levine and I’ll help you make the shift to start getting paid what you’re worth. I’m not just about information, I’m truly about transformation and I make sure that happens with every client. Click the button below to get started today!
Most service businesses get stuck here.
  • You want more qualified prospects.
  • You want to automate your marketing but don’t know how.
  • You want to make more money and are spinning your wheels trying to find clients and then having to charge low fees and trading your time for money.
We'll start with figuring out your inner story and transforming this to allow you to open your business for higher ticket services in this 6 part e-course. With this free course, you get the boost needed to kickstart some new business activity. You will feel confident attracting high-paying clients even if you are just starting out.
This a system that leads to creating a business that frees you up, earns you more money and gets your premium clients better results. You will enjoy your business more, enjoy your clients more, get better outcomes for those you serve and make a lot more money in a lot less time.
Heart Hugs,

Mary Ann - ASDA Scam

Hello Mr./Mrs. you,

I tried ringing you on the number we got in the system, but apparently that isn't correct.

The reason for my call and now this email is the fact, that you have not claimed the prize we offered after you reached the next level with your Asda-card. The prize has a value of £ 50 and we are prepared ship it with next day delivery through Royal Mail.

Please claim it now by clicking here - you need to confirm the delivery details, as your profile doesn't seem up to date in our system.

With regards,

Mary Ann & the rest of the Asda-team


Are you the correct contact? Scam Virus

From Hollie Cox < >

Dear you,

We have tried to reach out to you.

We were looking for you because your email:

your email has been drawn regarding a Marks & Spencer £1000 Gift Card.

All we need is your confirmation otherwise you cannot receive your Marks & Spencer Survey Gift

. Marks & Spencer £1000 giftcard Visitor Survey - 17 November, 2017 

Saturday, 16 September 2017

SociBot Joshua Baker Scam SociBot = 1 click autopilot Facebook management

SociBot Facebook Management Scam


Hey there,

Just thought I’d check-in to see if you had a chance to take a look 
at SociBot yet? 

Although the price is going up, there’s still time to get in on this 
before the price goes up even more when you click the link below now.

Click Here to See in details

When you click the link above, you’ll be able to watch a demo and 
see all the features that SociBot has to offer…

Although SociBot is loaded with features designed to boost engagement, 
get you leads and save you time, it’s still super easy to use…

In fact, there are just 3 simple steps to get more leads, traffic, and 
buyers with SociBot...

Step #1 - Install The SociBot Plug-In
Step #2 - Link Your Facebook And Customize Your Automatic Messages
Step #3 - Sit Back While SociBot Works 24/7 To Engage Your Customers 
And Prospective Customers

To find out how powerful SociBot can be for your business, click the link 
below right now...

Click Here to Grab it now
SociBot scam Warning

Here’s to your success!
Joshua Baker

PS –  The price on this is going up fast… If you wait around, you’ll end 
up paying more for SociBot.

The good news is, there’s NO reason to wait because you get a full 30 
days to make sure SociBot is for you…Here’s the link one more time...

Friday, 1 September 2017

OptinChat Lifetime License Scam

Lifetime License Ends in 14 Hours [Take Action Now]

Hey there,

I will keep it very short, the
Lifetime License on OptinChat 
is going down in 14 hours.
It will retail at 27$ per month
post launch discount tonight.
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With Optinchat you will beat the
conversion rates and list growth
from other tools by 3X margins!
….It will help you 3x Your Optins and
Revenue with the Existing Traffic itself.
=> Revive Your Lead Generation and Get your Lifetime License Here

To Your Success,

Chris via 

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Andrea Jones Scam Pay only when your Keyword ranks on Top

Andrea Jones

Re: Pay only when your Keyword ranks on Top. scam

Andrea Jones

Is your website on the first page of Google results? If no then we can help you get there!
We’re ResultFirst, redefining the experience for digital marketing services. For more than 10 years, our team of 200+ marketing gurus has served over 4000 clients. Our unique “Pay-for-performance SEO” model attracts customers from all geographies of the world, and we are proud to cater to the needs of every type of business belonging to varied industries, scales, and regions.
We do “Pay-For-Performance SEO.” You get to pay only when we rank your keywords on top searches.
·         FREE website analysis report
·         No monthly fee / No contractual payout
·         Dedicated 24*7 support
·         Assured Ranking as you only pay for the results
·         Only one time set-up fee

Our results ‘Talk’
 Get your website evaluated NOW, Just reply to this email with your contact details along with your requirement and we will call you back.

In case you are not interested in receiving these emails then you have the option to stop receiving them.  To unsubscribe just write "REMOVE" and for report abuse just write "ABUSE" and reply to this email.

Thanks & Regards,
Andrea Jones
Marketing Manager
ResultFirst Inc.
Head Office: San Jose, CA 95120

Andrea Jones scam

Friday, 19 May 2017

Khushboo Singh Spammers are Scammers

Khushboo Singh Designing your website scam 

Khushboo Singh Designing your website scam 
Spammers are Scammers 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Shaun Smith Convicted UK SCAMMER

Shaun Smith Convicted UK SCAMMER, Passing sentence at the court on Wednesday, the judge described the men as "callous swindlers".

Shaun Smith Convicted UK SCAMMER

Two men who conspired to defraud thousands of unsuspecting home-workers out of more than £1m have each been jailed for five years.

Passing sentence at the court on Wednesday, the judge described the men as "callous swindlers".

Two men who conspired to defraud thousands of unsuspecting home-workers out of more than £1m have each been jailed for five years.
Unfortunately there are many more who used Traffic Monsoon to SCAM People. Now you know why Paypal was concerned and the SEC had to get Involved.
Right now, you can see who they are by going to Adrian's profile and see those who like his posts, not the ones commenting, but the ones who like. Not branding everyone of course, with the same brush, just the ones who promote business in the same way as swindlers.
And some are on the run from the law, hiding in foreign countries like the Philippines etc.

BBC News | ENGLAND | Home-working 'swindlers' jailed
31 Oct 2001 - Two men are jailed for five years each at Stafford Crown Court for their part in a fraud which netted over £1m from home-workers.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Adrian Hibbert Scammer Banned From Joining

Adrian Hibbert Scammer Banned From Joining Traffic due to his past Fraudulent Activities

Adrian Hibbert Scammer Banned

Adrian claims to be a property developer, internet marketing expert and investor to hide his scamming activities.

Adrian was firstly banned by the hosting service supplied by Jose Nunes for repeated late payments, and breaking the terms of use for uploading malicious scripts to extract viewers' personal details, which is an illegal activity.

The UK has made spamming a criminal offence to try to stop the flood of unsolicited messages. Under the new law, spammers could be fined £5,000 in a magistrates court or an unlimited penalty from a jury. But they would not be sent to jail, according to the new measures introduced by Communications Minister Stephen Timms, 

  • Adrian Hibbert is a spammer that's how he gets he's leads and scams people by asking unsuspecting victims to invest in ponzi schemes.

  • Adrian has also been blocked by Facebook multiple times for breaking the terms of use

  • His YouTube account has many copyright strikes 

All screen shots are provided below:

He was then banned from Traffic Monsoon, shortly afterwards, for being spotted using multiple accounts to scam his referrals and Traffic Monsoon members.

His activity was simply asking his referrals to buy as many ad packs as possible, he would then use his first account to show how he was making up to twenty times his returns and then he would use his second account to withdraw his stacked up commissions, and it's very likely that he is still doing the same. as his websites continue to be reported as malicious by search engines and internet providers.

Due to this past fraudulent activity, Adrian Hibbert is now BANNED from joining Traffic Express.

There are four other individuals working with Adrian Hibbert on the same activities, we will report at a later date who they are.

For now, I recommend you stay away from this individual, who not only steals from his own referrals but also from the companies he gets involved with, by using what is known as stacking.

Whatever you do, don't do business with Adrian Hibbert. or you will be guaranteed to lose your hard earned cash.

how do i switch off  ??

Adrian Hibbert's main activity is to join every Ponzi scheme that allows him access to cash instantly by user referral commissions. He then encourages all his followers to invest as much as they can and as quick as they can before it's too late, including lead referral generation schemes, that he claims to use himself, when in fact he's using illegal software to harvest e-mail addresses and spam them, using pen names and asking people to call them on his phone number.

His second method of generating leads is to target the friends of his friends on social networks such as Facebook. He names and shames anyone he can, to start a conversation, then brags about his fake and illegal incomes to get the person to invest or buy into the scheme.

Be very aware of this individual as I suspect he is also involved in boiler room activity with some of the companies he promotes, as this guarantees him higher commissions from the unsuspecting users that then join expecting a quick return.

Build a new site scam by

Hi, We can redesign your existing website or create a website from scratch as per your preference. We are renowned website de...